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Parker Eagle Compound: For the Price Conscious Hunter

If you want a lot of bow without the hefty price tag, take a look at the Parker Eagle compound bow.

Every bow has a main draw. Whether we are looking for speed, weight, a special size, smoothness, or price, certain bows will pop out at us. In most instances once we have found a bow that stands out for that characteristic we begin going through our other priorities. At the end of the day we choose the bow best matching our list of priorities. Most of the time, for folks on a budget, a bow won't have everything we are looking for. Some setups though seem to be right on the money. So it is with the Parker Eagle compound bow. [caption id="attachment_6469" align="alignright" width="246"]Parker Eagle Compound Parker Eagle Compound Bow[/caption] When you first look at the Parker Eagle compound bow the first thing that stands out is its performance. The ability to zip arrows downrange at 310 feet per second is definitely a positive attribute. These days 310 feet per second may not seem incredibly impressive, but speeds like this are more than capable for bowhunting nearly any species out there. It wasn't that long ago when this arrow speed would have made serious news. The next attribute that stands out when examining the Eagle is its adjustability. This bow comes in two weight ranges. You can either purchase the 50-60 pound model or the 60-70 pound version. Whatever weight range you choose it features a very comfortable 80% let off. This single cam bow also features adjustable draw lengths from 26 to 31 inches so you can find just the right feel for you. With a 20 pound weight range and a five inch draw range, the vast majority of archers out there can find an Eagle that fits them. In the size department the Parker Eagle will be right on the money for certain archers. This bow measures 32 inches from axle to axle. If you are looking for a nice compact bow this is a good option. At 32 inches it is considered to be on the short end of bows. Short bows are not believed to be as forgiving as longer bows, but many shooters out there get along just fine with a short bow. As it is a short bow, the Eagle is also a light bow weighing in at 3.65 pounds. If you are the type who wants a light bow that is short enough to maneuver in the field, this bow might be a good fit. Now no bow is perfect, but a bow can be a perfect fit for an individual archer. The Parker Eagle compound has many appealing attributes. If you find the specs on this bow appealing, you might be surprised to find out it retails for just $299.99. That's a lot of bow for the money if you ask me. To the right person, the Parker deserves a hard looking over. NEXT: GET YOUR TRADITIONAL ARCHERY START WITH THE FLEETWOOD SPARTAN RECURVE
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