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Introducing all new designed website. Notes: All existing accounts need to create new passwords. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Parker Side-Kick Extreme Youth Bow Review

Do you love to play archery? If yes, then Parker Side-Kick Extreme youth bow is suited for you. This bow has been the most known bow among teenagers and adults. This is not surprising since it is made up of excellent features. One shot of arrow can reach up to 270 fps. The riser of this parker youth bow contains 12 vent holes to decrease the heaviness of the bow. It also has a string restrainer to diminish unnecessary noise. Braided wrist lace is also included for additional safety measures. It also features a great parallel limb model which allows ease of adjusting the length that can measure up to ten inches with no help from a bow press. Allen key is the only key to be used in modifying draw lengths. It can be modified from 18 to 28 inches with .5 inch gap in between. It also has two convenient walnut-finished grips. This bow can be used by children who know how to play the game since it is very lightweight. Others said that only boys can utilize this product. This is wrong since even women can enjoy using this youth bow. It only weighs three and one-fourth pounds. It is also appropriate to use when you shoot for a hobby when you have free time, or when you participate in shooting competitions. You can expect excellent accuracy since it also features pinpoint accuracy. In case you are just a beginner, using this bow will not give you stress since it is very easy to use. Moreover, this bow is very easy to draw and to handle. It can also be adjusted to a draw length which is very suitable for left-handed people. This is a very good bow to begin with. The Parker side-kick extreme youth bow is also a nice gift for your child or for a friend. You would not regret purchasing this product. The item also consists of hostage rest which is responsible in the proper alignment of arrows, and peep sight. Purchasing this parker youth bow is a good choice for everyone. You can buy this bow at a very reasonable price. There are few people who gave negative feedbacks regarding some parts of the bow and the way it is delivered to them. But overall, most of the buyers share positive results about this bow. This bow is highly recommended to everyone who enjoys shooting as a hobby and as a sport. Click here to see the details of youth bows.
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