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Product Review: PSE Decree Compound Bow

The PSE Decree is the next step in PSE's long history of high performance compound bows.

Since the 1970's, the folks at PSE archery have been pushing the limits to find what works in a bow. Their founder, Pete Shepley, started with a dream of simply improving the bows he shot for fun. Now PSE is one of the most respected names in the business with some of the best hunting and shooting stars preferring the PSE brand. One of their newest bows, the PSE Decree compound bow, is the next step in a story that has been unfolding for nearly 50 years. The PSE Decree is a dual cam compound bow that has a few nice features. For starters this bow has easily adjustable draw weight from the #70 model offered. Each of your limb bolts has a 7 turn limit, so finding your correct draw weight isn't a big chore. It also has the ability to range in draw length from 25 1/2 to 31 1/2 inches. With this type of customization available, the PSE Decree likely will be able to match the specs you are looking for. [caption id="attachment_6641" align="alignright" width="229"]PSE Decree PSE Decree Compound Bow[/caption] When it comes to performance the PSE Decree is near the top of the class. PSE seems to put out fast bows and the Decree is no different. Generating speeds of up to 342 makes this bow one of the fastest on out there. Actually, the fastest bow in the market is the PSE Full Throtle that can hit speeds of 370 feet per second. As you can see that puts the Decree right up there in terms of speed, but remember speed isn't everything when it comes to performance. One aspect of this bow certain shooters will appreciate is the longer axle to axle measurement. These days most bows tend toward a short profile to accommodate tree stand shooters and ground blinds. The positive of shooting a shorter bow is obviously maneuverability in tight places. On the downside, shorter bows tend to not be as accurate as longer bows. That's where the PSE Decree takes a different approach. With an axle to axle of 35 inches, it is a bit longer, but should be a bit more forgiving. Like most things in archery, its all about preference and if your hunting setup allows for a longer bow you may benefit from the added length. The PSE Decree is a high performance bow from one of the nation's top bow manufacturers. It might be a good fit for someone who puts a high priority on arrow speed and likes the advantages of a longer bow. Compound bows are not a one size fits all fix these days, so determining what is important to you and matching that to a bow is important. If the Decree doesn't quite fit your needs, there is likely a perfect match out there somewhere. NEXT: SO YOU WANT A HIGH PERFORMANCE BOW? CHECK OUT THE OBSESSION DEFCON 6
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