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Product Review: SAS Primal Compound Bow - A Bargain Hunter's Dream

If you're looking for that first bow, but can't break the bank, the SAS Primal compound bow might be a good fit.

[caption id="attachment_6645" align="aligncenter" width="250"]SAS Primal compound bow The SAS Primal compound bow was designed especially for beginners into the sport.[/caption] Looking back on the history of archery, it can be almost difficult to see the connection with the sport's primitive beginnings. What started out as a tool a bushman constructed out of simple materials has become a highly complex and technological piece of equipment. As our modern bows become more and more advanced, there is often a heftier price tag to go along with them. While this suits some people, it leaves others searching for a low cost alternative when browsing bows. If you constitute the latter, the SAS Primal compound might be worth looking into. Southland Archery Supply (SAS) has a reputation for making budget archery gear. The Primal is a good example of their overall product lineup. This bow has features you would expect to find on even the most coveted bows on the market. It has the ability to adjust draw weights from 35-50 pounds and draw lengths from 26-31 inches. This makes it an ideal choice for a adolescent looking to get their first taste of archery. You can start with a light poundage to develop good habits and muscle strength. Then, over time, the bow can grow with the shooter until it eventually becomes and adequate shooting and hunting tool. One thing about this bow that definitely pops out is the axle-to-axle length on the bow. Axle-to-axle refers to the distance between the axle of each cam. Most bows of today range in the low 30's inch range to accommodate tree stands and tight shooting situations. The SAS Primal goes the complete opposite direction. It stretches the tape at a whopping 40 1/2 inches from axle-to-axle. Why, you ask? Well most shooters tend to agree that longer bows shoot more accurately than shorter bows. So although the Primal will be more cumbersome, it may be more forgiving to a newbie who will make shooting mistakes. Another aspect of the SAS Primal worth noting is the longer brace height on the bow. Like the axle-to-axle measurement, brace height is generally believed to have an impact on accuracy. The longer the brace height the more forgiving the bow. Once again this bow seems to be built for forgiveness by using a brace height of 7 1/4 inches. That kind of measurement would likely be considered on the high side of average. The final spec worth noting on this compound bow is the price tag. The SAS Primal registers at a palatable $189. Upgrade to the decked out SAS Primal PRO and you're looking at $299 for the same bow with upgraded accessories. If you are just looking to get involved into the sport this might offer the fairly low risk option to get started. Like all bows the SAS Primal does have its drawbacks. At $189 you will likely get what you pay for. The time, engineering, and materials to make a top of the line bow costs money, and that cost is passed on to consumers. The Primal also lacks a little in the speed category. Lofting arrows downrange at 245 feet per second certainly won't win this bow any speed contests. That being said, this bow may be the perfect fit for the right person. Especially designed for beginners, this bow would be able to change with a growing archer, is designed to forgive shooting flaws, and is likely functional enough to be used in the field. It might be just the bow you need to be introduced to the wonderful world of archery. NEXT: FEELING OVERWHELMED? 3 WAYS TO SIMPLIFY YOUR HUNTING GEAR
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