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Introducing all new designed website. Notes: All existing accounts need to create new passwords. Sorry for the inconvenience.

PSE Main Line Bows Brief Intoduction

Bow has the same convenience and power with a pistol. It is chosen by outdoorsmen who want to experience the excitement brought by bow hunting. Though there are restrictions in hunting, bows are not as restricted and regulated than those of the guns. PSE or Precision Shooting Equipment is the only company who is still manufacturing compound bows among the five pilot companies who are licensed on manufacturing compound bows. They offer variety of bows and one of these is the main line bows.

PSE Bow Madness BowMainline Bows being offered by PSE have 12 different types each with different specifications:

PSE Bow Madness™: First in line is the Bow Madness™ XL which is the fastest single cam bow ever made by PSE. It has a weight of 4.40 lbs. with 6” of brace height, 36” in length (axle to axle) and 25-30” draw range with an IBO speed of 340-332fps. They also have the Bow Madness™ which weights lighter than the Bow Madness™ XL at only 3.85 lbs. but have a brace height of 7”. Even though it is only 32” in height (axle to axle), it could still have a draw range of 25-30” but IBO speed is only 331-323 fps. The shortest among the Bow Madness with only 26 ¼” in length (axle to axle) is the Bow Madness™ XS. It is quite heavier than the Bow Madness™ at 4.20 lbs. With the same draw range with the previous, it has an IBO speed of only 320-312 fps. PSE Chaos Bow:: Another type of bow they have is the Chaos One. It has only 3.3 lbs. of weight with 30” of length (axle to axle). It has only 302-294 fps of IBO speed since it has only 24-28” of draw range. It has a feature of having an asymmetric idler wheel for improved performance. Though it has a feature of maintaining one’s draw weight regardless of the setting of the draw length, Chaos FC could only have an IBO speed of 284-276 fps with 3.2 lbs in weight and 32” in length (axle to axle). It could have 16-27” of draw range with a brace height of 6”. PSE Brute Bow: And another bow being offered by the PSE is the Brute HP. With a draw range of 25-30”, it could have an IBO speed of 320-312 fps. Weighting 4.2 lbs., the 33” in length (axle to axle) Brute HP has multiple sight mounting holes. Its high performance single cam now has a new Posi-Lock inner cam. PSE Stinger HP Bow: In 2011, PSE also brings us the new improved Stinger HP bow. Equipped with high performance single cam with new Posi-Lock inner cam, you can adjust the draw length more easy and safe. It provides the same draw range as PSE Brute bow of 25-30", and it produces slightly slower IBO of 316-308 fps. It also comes with multiple sight mounting holes like brute hp. PSE Nova NI Bow: The Nova NI now is being offered in a the new 2011 PSE camo color too: BreakUp Infinity. Its IBO speed is 303-295 fps, and it weights only 3.8 lbs with 80% letoff adjustable to 65%. The 6" draw length can be adjusted without a bow press. PSE Deer Hunter Bow: This is the low profile model from PSE mainline bows. It comes with stage 3 eccentric cam and is available in 2011 new camo color like Nova NI bow. The IBO speed is around 265-257 @ 29". Also, it is the lightest bow among the PSE mainline bows with weight of 3.6 lbs mass weight. Check the PSE mainline Bows at
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