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PSE Night Hawk Recurve Bow: An Entry Level Recurve

Oftentimes the first bow is the most difficult to buy. The PSE Night Hawk recurve bow eliminates that difficulty and is a great entry level recurve.

I remember standing in the back room of the archery store like it was yesterday. A good fellow with a gray beard and quick smile was stringing up my first traditional bow. I had shot very few traditional bows up to this point, and didn't know what to expect. Excitement, and a bit of nerves, built up as I drew the string for the first time and let the arrow fly. The salesman didn't have much selling to do, the satisfaction of loosing arrows from this traditional bow sealed the deal. Starting something new can be a challenge for some people. Fear of the unknown and lack of experience can put the brakes on new adventures for people of all ages. Shooting a traditional recurve bow is no exception. The good folks at PSE archery understand that fear, and have designed the new PSE Night Hawk recurve bow with the first time shooter in mind. [caption id="attachment_6001" align="alignright" width="250"]PSE Night Hawk Recurve Bow PSE Night Hawk Recurve Bow[/caption] Traditional bows are not fancy by nature, and the PSE Night Hawk is no exception. This traditional bow is a takedown recurve bow, which means the limbs are removable from the handle. Takedowns offer a few advantages to one piece bows. For starters the takedown design was conceived by Fred Bear after having trouble transporting his hunting bow on a hunting adventure. He needed a bow that was capable of making all his trips and he created the 3 piece recurve takedown design the PSE Nigh Hawk emulates. The PSE Night Hawk also offers variety to accommodate the first time shooter. This entry level bow comes in both right and left handed models, in addition to a variety of draw weights. Draw weights come in five pound increments from 20 pounds clear up to 50 pounds. These weights are determined by the weight of the bow at a 28 inch draw. For those new to traditional bows, these bows get heavier as the bow is drawn. To determine your predicted draw length you can measure the distance in your arms while spread and divide by 2.5. If this entry level recurve bow is for hunting purposes you will have to check your state's regulation on minimum draw weights. PSE has developed a reputation at producing quality traditional bows at an affordable price. The PSE Night Hawk is no exception and this bow's low cost and quality make it a great option for someone interested in getting involved in traditional archery. Loose a few arrows from this recurve bow and let their perfect arc do the selling. NEXT: HITTING THE MARK; AIMING TECHNIQUES FOR A TRADITIONAL BOW
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