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Introducing all new designed website. Notes: All existing accounts need to create new passwords. Sorry for the inconvenience.

PSE Prophecy; The Fastest Single Cam on the Market

Can you handle the PSE Prophecy?

PSE It’s only once in a while superlatives actually fit the bill. You can’t have the best meal of your life every night. Your hometown football team can’t play the best team in the state every Friday night. You can’t shoot the fastest bow from one of America’s top bow manufactures everyday, unless you happen to own the PSE Prophecy. [caption id="attachment_5720" align="alignright" width="300"]Prophecy RTS-IF The PSE Prophecy[/caption] This hot-rod will have arrows leaving vapor trails after they launch off the rest at up to 340 fps. To put this into perspective, 340 fps is equivalent to 231.8 mph. 340 fps is almost 30 mph faster than most typical compound bows shooting 300 fps. This isn’t supposed to be a math conversion problem; it’s just fast. Really fast. Maybe fast enough to close the gap on a skittish whitetail known for ducking arrows. Probably fast enough to make you think; “Man, that was fast.” Not only is this bow offer speed, but its popular single cam design also offers several attributes to shooters. For starters, single cams tend to have a smoother draw since they are easier to tune and don’t have to worry about timing issues between like a two cam system. Opinions differ on how smooth this bow’s draw actually is. With such a radical cam design some owners claim this bow is not the smoothest draw they own, while others, like Terry Drury and Cuz Strickland, claim this bow is a super smooth draw. Like with all bows, how this bow’s draw feels will depend on you and your particular body. That said, this bow draws smoother than if it were a two-cam system. Additionally, shooters will love the solid backwall this bow provides. Having a solid backwall is essential when accuracy is key. Old bows failed to provide any solid stopping mechanism, but with modern bows like the PSE Prophecy, you get the latest and greatest bow technology out there. Nothing beats being anchored it with no give in your draw. It is a feel shooters love. At the end of the day each archer must decide individually if this bow is right for him or her. If you are looking for speed look no further. You can’t find a faster single cam bow out there right now. If comfort is more your choice, this bow might still be worth taking a look at. Finally, if you are searching for a bow with top end technology, the PSE Prophecy has some of the best on the market.
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