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Introducing all new designed website. Notes: All existing accounts need to create new passwords. Sorry for the inconvenience.

PSE TAC 15i Crossbow One of The Best Crossbows in the Market

The PSE TAC 15i Crossbow has gained outstanding reputation in the industry probably because of its accuracy and durability of its parts. It became an instant hit in the world of crossbow particularly for hunters and archery specialists. Reinforced with a full range adjustable stock and strong trigger, this crossbow is certainly a must have for wild hunters. The PSE TAC 15i is distinctive to some extent compared to the earlier type TAC 15 because of its advanced stock, while the initial types need to be lowered similar to the AR 15 rifle.  This crossbow is also installed with the Anti Dry Fire D Loop system that is integrated into the trigger. The standard rest and disk allow the PSE TAC crossbow to be encumbered before it is with full tag. These features bring together a safer projectile platform. You must take note that PSE arrows are duly authorized as official archery equipment. Only PSE arrows can be used with TAC bows. Regular bolts for arrows don’t have adequate shaft framework to resist the intense speed of the bow.  If you use other types of bolts in this unit, the arrow will definitely lose its projectile. This could result to severe damage not only to the crossbow but to the archer itself. This is very important since use of incompatible bolts will instantly make the warranty invalid and cancel all rights for return or exchange as cordial terms of purchase. If you choose incompatible arrows, you need to take on full responsibility for the damages. This advice is not a mere promotional scheme to market branded bolts. Please take caution with this warning. The PSE TAC 15i’s one of a kind rail-less style offers high quality performance and precision. There is also the cantilevered handle for better accuracy. There are three specific areas installed with these unique rails for setting up the scope, bipod and the handle for other accessories. Another great feature of this crossbow is the instant-cocking style and highly ergonomic high control crank permits the crossbow to be loaded and projected within a few seconds. Many reviewers have expressed positive remarks about this crossbow. Most reviewers have found satisfaction with the speed, accuracy and reliability of this projectile equipment. Another positive remark is about the scope of the crossbow. This can be adjusted to consider focus on the target. Indeed, this crossbow is not only a hard hitting projectile but the best crossbow in the market.     Check Out More About PSE Tac 15i here
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