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SAS Destroyer: Fast, Affordable, and All Decked Out. What More Could You Ask For?

The SAS Destroyer has the performance previously reserved for the most expensive bows on the market.

[caption id="attachment_6688" align="aligncenter" width="250"]SAS Destroyer Compound Bow The SAS Destroyer Compound Bow[/caption] Understanding trade-offs is one of the basic economic principles everyone should be aware of. A trade-off is basically the recognition that different items generally have their own set of pro's and con's. When you buy item A that has benefits A,B,and C, you don't get item B and benefits X,Y,and Z. Bows are no different. To my knowledge the perfect bow has not been invented yet. Each bow has a set of trade-off's unique to its design. Sometimes you get fast, but not quite. Other times you get light, but not as accurate. In the past one common trade-off was speed for price. Basically if you wanted to buy a fast bow you had to cough up the cash. The folks at SAS are doing their best to break that trend with the SAS Destroyer compound bow.

SAS Destroyer Compound Bow

The SAS Destroyer compound bow might be an intriguing buy for anyone shopping on a budget. When you first look at this bow the spec that instantly jumps out at you is 320 feet per second. Although other bows are faster, most shooters would generally agree that 320 feet per second would put this bow in the "fast" category. Speed not only gets the arrow from point A to point B faster, but it can greatly increase the energy the arrow packs with it. If you shot a typical 400 grain arrow out of the Destroyer at 320 fps, your arrow would be packing over 90 foot pounds of kinetic energy. That same setup would also produce .568 slugs of momentum. All physics aside, these numbers simple mean the SAS Destroyer likely be an effective hunting tool for any animal you'll be chasing. Another aspect of the Destroyer some archers will find appealing is the size and weight of the bow. As far as length goes, this bow definitely measures in on the small end. At 31 inches from axle to axle it should prove to be a maneuverable bow in tight spots. Secondly it weighs a paltry 3.85 pound. Small and light, this bow might just be what the doctor ordered for you. Speaking of size, the SAS Destroyer also offers some adjustability as well. The draw length adjusts from 19"-30" so you can find just the right fit for your particular draw. However, it does not boast any adaptability in the draw weight department. The bow comes with a standard 55 pound draw weight to reach the impressive speeds it is capable of. The final aspect of the Destroyer you can't help but notice is the price tag. For less than $400 you get not only the bow, but also a few nice accessories as well. The package comes equipped with a bow sight, wrist sling, quiver, stabilizer, wrist strap, peep sight, and drop away arrow rest. For the price you'll have a hard time finding a bow with as much bang for your buck as this SAS bow. All told, the SAS Destroyer would be a steal for the right person. If you've been looking at bows, but the trade-offs just haven't been working out for you, this might be what you've been looking for. For the money it has the performance traditionally relegated to more expensive bows. NEXT: PSE FANG CROSSBOW; PLENTY OF BANG FOR YOUR BUCK
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