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SAS Explorer Takedown Recurve: Target Bow is a Great Value

The SAS Explorer takedown recurve will fit the bill for a burgeoning target archer.

It seems like when you talk about the sport of archery, bowhunting is always the topic of choice. Maybe that's just the way it works in my house, but to the average Joe it seems to work this way as well. The truth is archery provides many more opportunities than simply bowhunting. One aspect of the sport some people become enamored with is good old-fashioned target archery. At some point we are all target archers. Shooting targets will constitute the majority of any archer's time, bowhunter or not. It's all about accuracy in archery, and target archers seek to perfect their accuracy to the nth degree. The real challenge is making a perfect shot every time. If you are looking to get involved in target archery a bow can seem like a big investment, especially if you're unsure of how much you will enjoy it. You'll probably be looking for a value bow to get your feet wet with. The SAS Explorer takedown recurve might be the bow for you. [caption id="attachment_6306" align="alignleft" width="250"]SAS Explorer Takedown Recurve SAS Explorer Takedown Recurve[/caption] The SAS Explorer is a recurve bow which means it is a traditional bow. Traditional bows are the kind shot by Olympic archers, and require the archer to hold the entire weight of the bow at full draw. Traditional bows were the only option available to archers until about the last 50 years. This particular recurve is 66 inches long, which is considered fairly long, but this will help with the string pinching your fingers when the bow is drawn. One nice feature of the SAS Explorer is the interchangeable limb system it incorporates. This bow currently comes in seven different weight options ranging from 22 to 34 pounds. With this bow you can purchase it with one set of limbs, then buy other limbs that easily switch out. This could be used to fit two people of different strength, grow with a young archer, or simply to allow an older person some options. The best part of the SAS Explorer is the great value it registers for. Right now at, you can pick this introductory bow up for a scant $99.99. This bargain price might remove some of the anxiety about dropping big money on a bow if you've never shot before. It should be noted that this bow is not a hunting bow. The draw weights are simply too light to take in the field after anything but rabbits and squirrels. It would surely fit the needs of any target archer and the draw weights are acceptable. If you've never shot archery tackle before and you are thinking about getting involved, take a look at the SAS Explorer. It is a good bow for a beginner and registers at a bargain price. You won't find a ticket into the amazing world of archery for much less I can guarantee. Follow the author through his facebook page or on twitter. NEXT: SAS SCORPII BOW; A BARGAIN HUNTER'S DREAM
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