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SAS Horse Bow: A Different Archery Experience

If you are looking for a totally different archery experience, or want to spice up the man cave, take a gander at the traditional SAS Horse Bow.

In life we tend to define things by our experience. In other words, the way you've done something determines how you think of it. Take camping for example. If you've always been the type to load up the car, head to the nearest campground, and spend the weekend near the car with dozens of other people around you, that's what you think camping is. We forget there are other ways of camping as well. There are RV camping, backcountry camping, primitive camping, reenacting, and the list goes on. Archery is the same way. Around the world archery is an extremely diverse sport. In some cases the only thing that remains the same is the stick and string. I've seen archers in Bhutan who shoot tremendously long ranges with what seems as a passing glance at the target. For them archery is all about flair, not accuracy. Another traditional way of archery is still practice by archers of the Far East. Horseback archery is a sport that traces its origins deep in history. There are obvious real world applications to the sport and horse archery was practiced by people all over the world. Genghis Khan's Mongols used their skill as horse archers to take over one of the largest land empires the world has ever seen. Horseback archery was also perfected by Native American societies of the Great Plains. The Comanche of Texas were called the greatest light calvary in the world by American soldiers of the time. Horseback archery requires a very different bow than the archery we are used to. The bow must be shorter so it can easily be maneuvered from side to side over the neck of a horse. Due to their short stature, these bows never achieved the same power as longbows. The exception was the powerful horn bows developed by Native Americans. Made from bighorn sheep horns, these bows were extremely powerful, although difficult to create. [caption id="attachment_6218" align="alignright" width="250"]SAS Horse bow SAS Horse bow[/caption] In an effort to recreate the horse bows of antiquity, SAS Archery has teamed up with Mr. Kwak Yun-sik a Korean bowyer. Together they created the SAS Horse bow sold by SAS Archery. This bow measures 50 inches from end to end and has a 30 pound draw weight. It also is an ambidextrous shooter, so anyone can shoot it. Horse bows are not always drawn to the face like our longbow heritage teaches. Often times they are drawn to a point on the chest, similar to an anchor point, and then released. These bows truly offer a different archery experience from our modern American archery culture. If you are a collector type, or just looking for a new and fun way to shoot, take peek at the SAS horse bow. Not only can you shoot it, but you'll be owning a piece of history as well. NEXT: FIRST SHOT; THE DIAMOND ATOMIC IS A GREAT BEGINNERS BOW
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