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SAS Scorpii Bow: A Bargain Hunter's Dream

The SAS Scorpii compound bow might be just the ticket for the first time archer.

Everything in this world costs money. No matter how frugal you get, or simple you live, money simply is part of our lives. Pretty obvious I'm sure. That being said, money is tight these days for many families. With the growing cost of things we need, combined with new "necessities" of life, a paycheck just doesn't go as far as it seems it should. If you've been considering getting into archery, or hunting in any way, but don't think you can handle the cost, it's time to take a look at the SAS Scorpii compound bow. This sleeper bow is a bargain you might not be able to pass up. [caption id="attachment_6293" align="alignright" width="250"]SAS Scorpii Compound Bow SAS Scorpii Compound Bow[/caption] The SAS Scorpii compound bow is Southland Archery Supplies newest compound bow on the market. It is highly adjustable in both draw length and weight. The Scorpii can adjust from 19 to 29 inches in draw length and from 30 to 55 pounds in weight. When paired with an arrow speed of 260 feet per second, the top end of draw weight on this bow definitely has the ability to take down big game species you would likely encounter here in the US. Another advantage of the SAS Scorpii compound bow is the compact and small nature of the bow. From axle to axle it measures a scant 28 inches, much smaller than many bows on the market. It also only weighs 3.3 pounds. You'd be hard pressed to find a bow much smaller than this. The final major asset of this bow is the rock bottom price tag. A stripped bow retails at only $149.99. Add all the accessories you'll need for an extra $40 and the total package will cost you less than $200. When you consider you'll get a brand spanking new bow and all the accessories for this price, it's hard to beat. Now the Scorpii isn't a perfect bow by any means, and there are some things you'll need to take into account before purchasing. For starters the draw length goes to 29 inches. This is fine for the large majority of shooters, but if you happen to be a long armed individual, it might not be the bow for you. Secondly the cam let off on this bow is 68%. That means you'll be holding 68% of the weight the bow is set for at full draw. Most bows today let off 80%, but it wasn't that many years ago when 68% would have seemed like a miracle! Again, if you are looking for a capable bow at a rock bottom price, the SAS Scorpii is worth a look. Follow the author through his facebook page or on twitter. NEXT: 3 GREAT YOUTH BOWS
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