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Shootin Stuff Vol. 2: Car Doors and Body Armor. Can a Crossbow Clear a Path?

Shootin stuff is just about as American as apple pie, or as some folks would say, Merican.

[caption id="attachment_6649" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Like shootin stuff. You've found the right place. Like shootin stuff. You've found the right place.[/caption] Do you like shootin' stuff with bows, arrows, guns, slingshots, spitwads, atlatls, or pretend with your finger? If you do you've found the right place. Shootin' stuff seems to be hardwired into some folks. Whatever weapon you prefer, its just fun to take your aim, let a shot rip, and hit the mark. Sometimes shootin' odds and ends, or novelty targets, can be fun. Other times you can put your gear to the test and see what it's capable of. One YouTube channel that is generating serious traffic just shootin' stuff is Twang N Bang. He uses about every weapon out there to shoot just about everything out there. If you're reading this you're likely an archery enthusiast. You may be interested in seeing these two video he put out testing a PSE crossbow against body armor and a car door. The results are a little surprising. First off, the body armor. Kind of an interesting test. He mentions early on in the video how a few modern tests have shown how historical crossbows had a difficult time penetrating historical armor. Crossbows of today however seem to have no trouble splitting the most advanced body armor. What gives? Like he mentions in the video body armor of today is not designed to stop arrows, just bullets. Kind of strange how you could stop a bullet and not an arrow until you think about how different the projectiles are. Now another fun test from Twang N Bang. Shooting the same PSE TAC crossbow through a car door. Would a driver be safe? Once again the crossbow clears a path a pushes the arrow through the target. The arrow has obviously slowed down quite a bit by the time it clears the door, but is still traveling fast enough to penetrate the block target. [caption id="attachment_6648" align="alignleft" width="161"]PSE TAC Ordnance PSE TAC Ordnance Crossbow[/caption] All in all these videos from Twang N Bang are pretty fun and interesting to watch. The PSE TAC Ordnance crossbow is a pretty healthy crossbow. As the videos showed, it has the ability to hit speeds of over 405 feet per second. Also as mentioned, it is designed to fit to AR lower platforms which gives this crossbow some real versatility. If you're looking for a boss crossbow it might be worth a look. Hopefully you found the videos interesting. Volume 1 in the link below will take you to some more Twang N Bang videos. If you don't like shootin' stuff you might be on the wrong webpage. NEXT: SHOOTIN STUFF: CAN A CROSSBOW PIERCE AN ARMORED HELMET? WATCH THIS VIDEO TO FIND OUT
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