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Small but Mighty; 4 Small Crossbows

Some of these small crossbows might offer some enjoyable shooting.

Bigger is better right? That's what we're told at least. Bigger bows, faster speeds, harder hitting archery equipment all seems to be the talk of the town. Sure that kind of power is great for the hunting world, but sometimes smaller is just more fun. Like shooting a .22 rifle or a .300 Win Mag. Sure, one can kill an elk from 500 yards, but the other is so much more pleasant to shoot. On the other hand, smaller weapons are easier to tote around. They weight less, have less bulk, and simply can maneuver better in the woods. There are lots of reasons why people enjoy the small end of the spectrum. If you think a small crossbow might be a nice getaway from your regular crossbow, here are a few fun plinking bows to look at.

PSE Zombie Defense

[caption id="attachment_6675" align="alignleft" width="131"]Small Crossbow PSE Zombie Defense[/caption] The PSE Zombie Defense easy-cock crossbow is one of an assortment of pistol crossbows. Like many of those small crossbows, the PSE uses an 80 easy-cock draw weight. This little devil is small all the way around but looks to be a blast to shoot. It uses 6.5 inch bolts and has a width of just over 17 inches. Like a .22 rifle, the Zombie Defense could be a fun crossbow just the spend the day plinking away at stuff. Retailing at $79 it could sure be a fun way to pass the time.

Spider Pistol Crossbow

Perhaps you're looking for something fun, but don't want to cough up a bunch of cash to do so. The Spider pistol crossbow might be worth a look in that case. Like the PSE Zombie Defense it has an 80 pound easy-cock drawing system. It is also very small and is roughly the same dimensions as the PSE. It does happen to be quite a bit cheaper than the Zombie Defense, and the Spider retails at only $16.99. For that price you get the crossbow and two little bolts. What is there to lose?

The Small Crossbow

[caption id="attachment_6676" align="alignright" width="149"]Small crossbow 150 Pound Pistol Crossbow[/caption] Ok, so the first two small crossbows on the list were definitely crossbows best for plinking cans or other inanimate objects. The 150 pound hunting pistol crossbow might be a different story. Although this crossbow is still relatively small, 26 1/2 inches long by 26 inches wide (smallish for a recurve), it certainly isn't a toy. This pistol crossbow can shoot arrows downrange at 210 feet per second and claims to have good accuracy out to 60 yards. You'd have to shoot it a few times to find out, but this crossbow might be suitable for some big game hunting. Again, this crossbow isn't tiny like the pistol crossbows, but for a recurve crossbow would be considered small.

The World's Smallest Legit Crossbow

The final crossbow on the list is not something you can buy. If you've got some spare time, quite a bit of wood working ability, and the cajones to give it a try you might be able to build one yourself. Check out this video a Youtuber put together. I just couldn't leave it out. Pretty cool video and DIY project. There you have it, four small crossbows to check out. Some are good for just goofing around, others might be useful hunting tools, and one might just spark a weekend project. If you're looking for a fun way to pass the time, any of these might fit the bill. NEXT; SHOOTIN STUFF VOL. 2; CAR DOORS AND BODY ARMOR; CAN A CROSSBOW CLEAR A PATH?
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