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Steady Eddie: 5 Crossbow Bipods to Increase Accuracy

Looking to improve your accuracy? Try one of these crossbow bipods to steady your shot.

Archery is a sport that truly boils down to archery. Any seasoned hunter knows how even small inconsistencies in your shot can result in bad hits and unrecovered game in the field. If you've ever been there, you can attest to the pit in your stomach on those occasions. We owe it to ourselves, and the animals we hunt, to be as accurate as possible with our chosen equipment. If you are looking for one gear accessory to improve your accuracy, take a look at these crossbow bipods. [caption id="attachment_6052" align="alignright" width="184"]BOB-BIPOD2-2T Adjustable Sniper Rifle Crossbow Bipod[/caption] If you are the type that likes to keep things simple you might consider a bipod like the Adjustable Sniper Rifle crossbow bipod. Its simple design allows it to easily attach to nearly every rifle and crossbow. With few moving parts it can surely be called reliable as well. This particular model adjusts from eight inches to ten inches which would work well for a prone shooting position. Another similar model that offers some more adaptability is the Tactical OP Rifle Bipod. This model will get shooters nearly 13 inches off the shooting surface. A few more advanced bipod models are tactical foregrips and bipods. These hybrid designs give you the control of a tactical foregrip, with the accuracy of a bipod. One such hybrid is a military design by SAS archery. In this design the bipod legs typically stay tucked away in the foregrip. When you deploy the bipod system, a simple push of a button will do the trick. When closed this handy hybrid bipod is five and half inches tall, and hits nine inches when legs are deployed. For someone who hunts on the move, a system like this might be most beneficial. [caption id="attachment_6053" align="alignleft" width="128"]M0005-2 Foldable Foregrip Swivel Bipod[/caption] There is also the Foldable Foregrip Swivel Bipod. There is one main differencee between this hybrid and the military version. This design splits the grip down the middle to form the bipod. Like the military version it also changes with the simple push of a button, and it also extends to a length of almost nine inches. These unique designs make choosing the accessories for your crossbow much simpler. [caption id="attachment_6054" align="alignright" width="141"]Gorilla Shooting Stick Gorilla Shooting Stick[/caption] Finally, if a mounted bipod is not your cup of tea you can always look into shooting sticks. Gorilla has developed a simple shooting stick that easily adjusts from 23 inches to 62 inches. Shooting sticks are gaining popularity these days and people like how they offer the ability to shoot from one knee, or from a standing position. Their dependability is easy to see in the simple design. If you are looking into crossbow bipods this information should help you make the right choice on the style you would like. No matter your choice you should be holding steadier on target at the end of the day. NEXT: ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ARROW SPINE SELECTION
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