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Straight Shooter: 3 Compound Bow Accessories to Shoot More Accurate

If you have been struggling with accuracy lately, here are 3 compound bow accessories that may get you back in the bull.

[caption id="attachment_6482" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Improve your accuracy with these 3 compound bow accessories. Improve your accuracy with these 3 compound bow accessories. Image via PIxabay.[/caption] Accuracy is the name of the game in archery. This is obviously true in the competition forum, but equally as true in the hunting realm. You can have all the kinetic energy or arrow speed you want, but if you can't make your shot count it is meaningless. Being a consistently capable shot is key if you are looking to be a competent hunter. To help improve accuracy bow manufacturers have made today's compound bows ultra shooter friendly. Pick up a bow that is even 15 years old, and you'll no doubt notice a host of differences. Although the bow is the most important piece of gear that determines accuracy, there are a number of compound bow accessories that can improve accuracy as well. Here are the top 3 compound bow accessories that will improve accuracy.


[caption id="attachment_6477" align="alignleft" width="133"]Compound bow accessories A good release stands between you and your bow.[/caption] It may seem a bit counterintuitive to think the first thing on this list is not actually part of the bow. I once saw an archery add though that captured the importance of a good release. It read, "The last thing between you and your bow; your release." Having a good release is important to improve accuracy. If your release is not crisp it may cause target panic issues for the shooter or inconsistent results. There are a number of quality releases on the market in a variety of styles. My advice is to don't skimp at this point and buy a quality release. It may cost you a few greenbacks but should last for years and years.


[caption id="attachment_6478" align="alignright" width="166"]Compound bow accessories Bow Stabilizers[/caption] If you want to improve your performance in anything, it helps to look at the pros. Professional anythings are pros for a reason; they are generally the best at their job. If you need to improve your accuracy, learn from the most accurate shooters in the world who compete in the Olympics. A brief examination will quickly show that the most accurate shooters in the world depend on stabilizers to improve their performance. Stabilizers work in several ways. For starters, they help absorb some of the extra energy from the shot. This will decrease bow vibration and increase accuracy. Secondly, bow stabilizers also decrease torque upon the release of the string. Finally, the stabilizer adds weight to the bottom of your bow. By adding weight to the bottom of your bow you encourage your bow to stay vertical during the shot. All totaled, a stabilizer is a must have compound bow accessory.

Arrow Rest

[caption id="attachment_6479" align="alignleft" width="149"]Compound Bow accessories Whisker Biscuit[/caption] The final item in this list of top 3 compound bow accessories is the arrow rest. There are several different styles of arrow rests available with capture rests seemingly the most popular. Capture rests are also called whisker biscuits. Whisker biscuits have caught flack over the years for decreasing accuracy. While I've read archery forums debating the subject, watched slow motion videos, and pondered the question myself, I've simply seen too many excellent shooters who use a whisker biscuit not to believe they work. [caption id="attachment_6480" align="alignright" width="140"]Compound Bow Accessories Drop Away Arrow Rest[/caption] However, every shooter is not the same. Part of shooting accurately is to be confident in your ability and your gear. If you don't think a whisker biscuit is an accurate arrow rest, then it will never work for you no matter its performance. Drop away arrow rests are also popular and have gained a loyal following. As the name indicates these rests "drop away" upon the shot and cause no contact with the arrow as it flies through your riser. Whatever arrow rest you decide to purchase, make sure it is one that you believe in. Outfitting your rig with quality compound bow accessories is an important step to improving your performance. At some point though you may begin to trade performance for reliability if you add too much technology to your setup. Stick with these 3 important compound bow accessories, practice diligently, and you should see a marked improvement in your accuracy.

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