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Stretch a Dollar Archery Style: 12 Best Products for Less than $100

If you find yourself with a few extra bucks in your pocket, take a look at these great buys for less than $100.

[caption id="attachment_6155" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Here are 12 great archery products for less than $100. Here are 12 great archery products for less than $100.[/caption] Once in awhile lady lucks smiles your way and things start looking up. Every now and then that means you find yourself with a little extra cash in your pocket. If you are an archer odds are you might search for a few things additions to your gear collection. Here are 12 great buys for less than $100.


Believe it or not you can actually buy a handful of bows for less than $100. The SAS Siege compound bow and the SAS Disturbance 175 lb. recurve crossbow both retail for under that mark. Keep in mind that in this world you get what you pay for. However if you happen to be looking for a beat around bow these might be a fun option. Speaking of fun, the SAS Prophecy self-cocking crossbow is trouble just waiting to happen.


If I was to get in the archery business, I would guess it would be in the arrow business. It seems like I'm always running an arrow or two short or looking to buy my next half dozen. If you're also in the market for some arrows, you can land a dozen Carbon Express Mutiny arrow shafts for around $75. They are bare shafts so you will have to fletch them yourself, but a dozen carbon shafts at that price is pretty reasonable. If fletching arrows is not in the cards you can't go wrong with the PSE Sniper arrows that come fletched and ready to go.


$100 can go an awful long ways when you start buying arrow points. One benjamin can land you a three pack of razor sharp 3-Blade broadheads, replacement blades, 6 judo points, and 6 field points with room to spare. In fact, for less than $100 you could buy all those points plus a 1,000 shot archery target.


If you're good to go with your standard archery setup your $100 might be best spent helping you beat the summertime blues. Bowfishing can be a blast and keep you shooting all summer. You can get into a few bowfishing kits pretty easily and be ready to roll when it warms up. Cajun archery makes quality bowfishing gear and have several models available. The Cajun Piranha bowfishing kit is a simple hand wound setup, while the Cajun Tournament bowfishing kit costs a bit more but has a reel wound retrieval system. Both retail for less than $100 and can buy you great summertime fun. Let's face it, the harder you work the harder you have to play. $100 caught laying around at my house is likely to get spent on something hunting related pretty much every time. Hopefully this list can help you unwind a little bit after a long week. NEXT: TURKEY HUNTING GEAR; 3 MUST HAVE ITEMS
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