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Tactacam Bow Stabilizer; A Dual Purpose Camera

The Tactacam bow stabilizer is a great addition for someone interested in filming their own hunts.

[caption id="attachment_6488" align="aligncenter" width="250"]Tactacam bow stabilizer camera. Tactacam bow stabilizer camera.[/caption] Hunting stories lie at the heart of hunting culture. If you are a hunter, you have told stories of your adventures, misadventures, and everything in between. You've no doubt swapped stories, tactics, and hard won lessons with other hunters around a campfire, kitchen table, or just around the office watering hole. I don't see this aspect of hunting ever changing. In fact some folks seem to enjoy the storytelling more than the actual story making! New technology hitting the scene these days allows us to share our stories with a wider audience in more vivid ways. Still cameras are great, but many folks tell the story of the hunt with a video camera. Cameras used to be so big if you wanted to video your hunt you'd have to talk your buddy into coming along and filming. These days cameras have gotten small enough you can more easily film your own hunts. Go Pros are the most popular choice for filming your own hunts, but other methods are hitting the market as well. One cool option is the Tactacam bow stabilizer camera. The Tactacam bow stabilizer camera is just what it sounds like, a camera that is built into a bow stabilizer. The obvious advantage of a camera mounted in this position is the camera will always be pointing in the right direction, and the picture should be centered. It will also capture your shot in a different angle than a Go Pro or other mounted camera. Watch these videos to get a feel for the performance on the Tactacam. Here is another good video displaying the image quality.   As you can see the video quality is definitely up to par. The Tactacam bow stabilizer package offers full HD 1080p at 30 frames per second and 2x zoom 720 at 60 frames per second. This camera also boats to have low light filming capabilities like no other camera of its kind. Another added bonus is the camera is 100% waterproof, a must have for most hunters out there. True enough, filming hunts is here to stay. It is the next step on the old ways. Story telling is as old as hunting itself and will always be part of our world. If you are the type who enjoys filming as a way to tell your story, give the Tactacam a try.

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