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Introducing all new designed website. Notes: All existing accounts need to create new passwords. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The Arrow Rest: From Freddie Troncoso to Today

The arrow rest has evolved so much since the days when Freddie Troncoso created the first dual-pronged arrow rest. Freddie’s love for the bow and arrow started at an early age. On Christmas, in 1937, he received his first toy bow and arrows. He would lead a life that revolved around the sport that he loved and he would later go on to create the first arrow rest in 1974. Fast forward to today and you will see that there are huge ranges of options to chose from in the archery world.  You could choose containment rests, drop away rests, and shoot-through rests (a variation of Freddie's design). They offer different benefits to the shooter, but the same ultimate goal in mind, which is stability. [caption id="attachment_3807" align="alignright" width="210"]Old Prong Arrow Rest Patent Old Prong Patent from 1974[/caption] Containment arrow rests are the fan favorite among many hunters because they remove any possibility of the arrow falling from the rest. The most popular of these types is the Whisker Biscuit that uses bristles to contain the arrow snugly. They are excellent for shooters that are new to the sport. A downside to these rests is that some believe they diminish an arrows speed. They also have a tendency to affect the fletching on the arrows if they are not shot perfectly. Drop-Away rests have definitely come to be a very popular option today. They are also commonly referred to as fall away rests. They drop away from the shooter when the arrow is shot. If you are someone who is very particular about the fletching on your arrows then this will help calm your worries. These rests also cradle the arrow so it will not necessarily fall easily. Then we come full circle to the shoot-through rest.  They are the easiest to install. The arrow rests on top of the prongs that cradles the arrow. The prongs are spring loaded so that they drop away as soon as the arrow is shot. With this type, you can make sure that the fletching on your arrows will not be damaged. It is a testament to Freddie’s ingenuity that the prong rests design is still of relative importance in the archery market. Your creativity and passion for the sport you loved has lead us to the advancements in arrow rest technology that we see today and for that our accuracy thanks you.
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