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The Art of Camouflaged Hunting Clothes

Hunting Clothing is an essential part to any good hunting expedition. Many hunting clothes out there offer various different features. One aspect about hunting clothes that is always sought after is the camouflage look. Camouflage has been around since the beginning of our existence. It is used to help people blend in with their surroundings.

cold camo hunting clothes

The color and the pattern are what make up the camouflage look. Hunting clothes come in different blends of dull hues of color that can help you stay clear out of sight. Shades of green and brown are used when you are in a jungle setting. You would use a mixture of browns and tans if you were in the desert, or some place that did not have much foliage. If you are hunting in a colder climate that may have snow, then you should get camouflaged hunting clothes that come in an assortment of grey and white. The way that the patches are set up on camouflage patterns help to distort the contour, or outline of a person. The brain is very clever. It automatically connects the colored patches to the sceneries natural lines. The brain has a need to classify the world into its different parts. If you are standing next to some brush, wearing camouflage then your brain will perceive that you are part of that brush, at least at a quick glance. If you were wearing shades of blue in the jungle then your brain would automatically sense that you are different and do not belong. Getting the right type of clothing is essential to staying hidden from your prey. The animals that you are hunting tend to see things as continuous as well when they clump things together. What I mean by this is that if you are standing at the base of a tree and you are wearing blue then you would stand out a bit more than, if you were wearing shades of brown. This is because the animal senses color that is not continuous. If you were wearing brown then the animal might mistake you as another part of the tree. Now, if you were standing in a tree stand and you were wearing green camouflage, then there is still a chance that you will be passed by your animal, because those colors blend more naturally together.

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