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The Excalibur Destruction Challenge; Will the Micro 355 Still Fire After a Truck Drives Over it?

Some companies tell you how tough their crossbows are. In the Excalibur Destruction Challenge, they let the crossbow do the talking.

[caption id="attachment_6397" align="aligncenter" width="300"]The Excalibur Destruction Challenge is the ultimate crossbow test. The Excalibur Destruction Challenge is the ultimate crossbow test.[/caption] Let's talk hunting. Say you are climbing a treestand to chase whitetails in early November. You've let this stand sit for weeks for the opportune time. The weather man gave you a favorable wind forecast for the morning and you pulled out of the drive extra early to get the drop on a big buck. The sun is still well behind the horizon as you ascend your tree. As you reel up your crossbow something happens. About halfway up to the stand it falls to the ground and strikes a rock before bouncing to a stop. What do you do? At this point you've got some decision making to do. You can stay on stand and hope for the best even though your crossbow went through a 10 foot free fall. You could shoot a few arrows in the dark to see how your bow is shooting and risk bumping deer while doing so. Lastly you could head for home and hope your scent won't blow old mossy horns out of there before your next trip. As our archery equipment has grown more and more accurate, we tend to think it is more and more ticklish when it comes to contact. Even small knocks, bumps, or drops, can have us wondering how it will perform in crunch time. At Excalibur they decided to put the Excalibur Micro 355 through the wringer and show you how tough it is. When I say through the wringer I mean through the wringer. Check out this video in which they literally drive a truck over the bow and then shoot it. Not impressed? Sure, they didn't drive over the stock of the crossbow. Maybe it was just a dog and pony show right? Watch as they take the same bow on a "trail ride." Enough said. The Excalibur Mirco series is as tough as they come. If you happen to find yourself with a crossbow that had just been dropped, bounced around your truck on a long trail road, or whatever else, you'll know they are up to the challenge. As mentioned the Excalibur Micro 355 is featured in the video. It is a recurve crossbow and shoots 355 feet per second. In addition to this model, Excalibur also offers a 335 and a 315, each shooting their respective feet per second and each just as tough as the 355. If you've ever doubted the toughness of your equipment and are impressed with the durability of the Excalibur series, give them a look. Better yet, toss them off a hill, and see what you think. NEXT: NEW CROSSBOWS OF 2016; EXCALIBUR MICRO 355
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