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The Most Adaptable Bow Ever: Diamond Prism

The Diamond Prism is the latest model in Diamond's lineup of ultra adaptable bows.

[caption id="attachment_6196" align="aligncenter" width="250"]The Diamond Prism is the most adaptable bow ever. The Diamond Prism is the most adaptable bow ever.[/caption] My first bow was a disaster. In an effort to test out my love of archery, my dad bought me an old thrift store for about $15. Like most excited kids, when I first saw it I immediately took it outside and started shooting. The trouble was the draw weight was about twice as much as I could pull at the time. On the occasion I was actually able to get it muscled back the draw length was at least six inches too long. As a final slap in the face, I didn't have an arm guard so each hard won release of an arrow resulted in an string slap that added to my enjoyment of that bow. Needless to say my "love" of archery proved too weak to continue shooting that bow and it wasn't until years later, after purchasing my own bow, my love of archery really began. Nowadays folks don't have to worry about making the same mistake my dad made when buying a kid a bow. Bow companies have recognized the fact their shooters may be growing, changing, and building their skills, and want to make adaptable bows to meet their needs. One company that has really made a name with these bows is Diamond. The new Diamond Prism is their most recent bow for all ages. When Webster's puts together their dictionary each year, they could easily put a picture of the Diamond Prism next to the entry for adaptable. This bow adjusts from a toddler friendly five pound draw weight, all the way up to a 55 pound deer killing weight. The other facet of the Prism that offers a wide variety of choice is the draw length. With the ability to adjust from an 18 inch draw length to a 30 inch draw length it overcomes the challenge my first bow could not. A person could theoretically release their first and last arrow from this bow over a lifetime of bowhunting. These bows have proven to be capable hunting bows for big game animals as well. Many archers have taken previous Diamond bows of this lineup into the field over the past years to chase big game. Although they don't break any land speed records with arrow speed, if you pair these bows with a tuned arrow, razor sharp broadhead, and well placed shot, there is no reason this bow can't become a hunting bow for most big game species. If you are looking at getting involved in archery, or are looking to get someone else involved with a sport you love, the Diamond Prism is an extremely adaptable bow that will help them foster a natural love of archery from the first shot. NEXT: BEST TARGET BOW EVER MADE; PSE XPRESSION
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