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The New Hunting Pack Lineup From Badlands Will Blow Your Mind

If you are considering a new hunting pack, Badlands has got you covered in every situation possible.

When it comes to hunting equipment there are few things more underrated than a solid hunting pack. Sure you can just throw on any old school backpack and it can probably handle light jobs for short distances. Oftentimes though hunting requires more rugged gear and a pack designed to accommodate your specific hunting needs. Believe me, once you've owned a well designed quality hunting pack, you'll never again go back to cheap imitations. Badlands, a company noted for their top tier hunting gear, has recently released their hunting pack lineup for 2016. It is a doozy. There is something for everyone and any hunting situation this year.

Day Packs

[caption id="attachment_6402" align="alignright" width="179"]Badlands Point Day Pack Badlands Point Day Pack[/caption] In their new lineup Badlands created a variety of new day packs (packs with a capacity of between 1,000 and 2,000 cubic inches). Day packs are great for short excursions typically where a vehicle is nearby. One day pack that stands out in Badlands hunting pack lineup is the Badlands Point Day Pack. This pack stretches the tape at exactly 2,000 cubic inches of total carrying capacity. For being a day pack the Point also has an abundance of different pockets as well. Having a pack with a lot of space is nice, but having a pack with a lot of space and different pockets is great. Like many Badlands packs the Point also has the ability to accommodate a 3 liter water bladder. Another day pack option Badlands offers is the Badlands Pursuit. This day pack is smaller than the Point, and measures it at 1,500 cubic inches. It also has several different pockets and the ability to hold your water. This hunting pack also retails for less than $100 which is nice if you're working on a tight budget like most folks.

Multi Day Packs

[caption id="attachment_6403" align="alignleft" width="197"]Badlands Summit Badlands Summit[/caption] Badland's new hunting pack lineup also features several multi-day packs as well. These packs have a holding capacity of over 2,000 cubic inches. One pack that instantly stands out is the Badlands Summit. This beast of a pack has the necessary room for those who venture off the beaten paths of the world. At 5,400 cubic inches of space you can pack everything but the kitchen sink into the wilderness. The 2016 model is a revamped version of the old 4500. The Badlands Summit has more room and less weight than its predecessor which exhibits Badland's commitment to pushing the envelope with its gear. The company gets it right when they claim "there's a new sheriff in town." [caption id="attachment_6404" align="alignright" width="185"]Badlands Kali Badlands Kali[/caption] In addition to their big country packs, the company released several other intriguing hunting pack options. One is the Badlands Kali superday pack. The Kali offers 2,500 cubic inches of storage and a variety of pockets for the wearer. One thing that stands out about the Kali it that it was specifically designed for women hunters. Most hunting gear has historically been designed to accommodate men. With the recent rush of women joining the hunting ranks companies like Badlands have made a big effort to customize their gear for the different body structure of women. The Kali has specially designed shoulder straps for that purpose. If you are a woman and are seeking a pack designed just for you, take a look at this top notch superday pack from Badlands.

Heavy Loads

[caption id="attachment_6405" align="alignleft" width="157"]Badlands Ox Badlands Ox[/caption] So you are up on the mountain, in the backwoods, or otherwise miles from the pickup and you've just arrowed an animal. After the smiles, pictures, and hand pounds its time for the work to begin and get the animal out. If you've ever been here you can appreciate the scenario. The folks at Badlands have been in your shoes and got your back. For this special needs they created the Badlands Ox take down frame hunting pack. This pack uses a specially designed frame that allows you to pack heavy loads with as much ease as possible. If you are the ox of your hunting group this pack would be a great addition to your gear setup.

The Extras

[caption id="attachment_6406" align="alignright" width="183"]The Everything Pocket The Everything Pocket[/caption] Finally, in addition to their standard hunting packs Badlands also created a variety of speciality packs that might come in handy. They range from fanny packs and rangefinder packs to cases for binoculars and a speciality camera pack. Heck, they even have an everything pocket to clip on your pack for whatever extra gear you need to tote along. If you've got to pack it, odds are Badlands has a pack for you. At the end of the day having the right hunting pack for your particular needs is a nice advantage. If you take a few minutes and peruse the Badlands lineup, you should no doubt be able to find the perfect fit.

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