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Introducing all new designed website. Notes: All existing accounts need to create new passwords. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The Pros and Cons of Different Arrows

Arrows used in archery can be classified according to the material used. Currently, there are four types of arrows: wood arrows, carbon arrows, aluminum arrows and fiberglass arrows. Each type has its own beneficial features and some disadvantages. A wood arrow is commonly used by beginners and archers who use longbows and bows with lower re-curve strength. Wood is the oldest material used in making arrows and it is also the cheapest. Although wood arrows were used since the beginning of the sport, it has some unfavorable features making it difficult to use. First, each wood have different structures; there is probably no wood arrows alike whether based on straightness or flexibility. Wood arrows, therefore, have varying trajectories and are seldom used in competitions. Second, wood is easy to break, especially if you use bows with high power re-curve or compound bows; the material is not strong enough to withstand the force exerted by these heavy bows. PSE 20'' Charger Xbolts W/ Nocks - 72/Pack The next type of arrow is the fiberglass arrow and it is popular because it is more durable than wood. Manufacturers can also easily adjust the size of these arrows so archers of any level can pick the right arrows. It is also made with precision; therefore, it has consistent flexibility and straightness. Fiberglass arrows are a bit heavy and they are typically used by hunters for fishing. The most obvious disadvantage of a fiberglass arrow; although it is tougher than wood, its rigid structure makes it brittle. The aluminum arrow is probably the most popular type, especially for advanced archers. It can be made from different aluminum alloys so weight, lengths and structure can be varied, but they are manufactured with impeccable precision. Archers use this arrow for tournaments and it can be used several times; you just need to replace the tips or have an expert straighten it out. Its versatility is its greatest asset but aluminum arrows also come with disadvantages. It is one of the most expensive types of arrows and because it is malleable, it can be bent easily. The most expensive arrows to date are the carbon arrows. The arrows are made of carbon fiber, which is known for lightness and durability. These arrows are used during tournaments and archers rely on its optimum consistency. It is considered the fastest and lightest competitive arrows because of its ability to quickly return to its straight form. Because carbon fiber can be manufactured to any specification, it is used for custom arrows as well. The downfall, however, is the price. It is pretty expensive and if you are not going to compete in some serious tournament, you could choose aluminum over it. But for a competitive match, a carbon arrow hits the spot. Click here to find the right carbon arrows for your bows.
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