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The SAS Disturbance: A Value Crossbow

If you've been considering buying a crossbow, but get a case of sticker shock when you see the price tag, give the SAS Disturbance a look.

I've recently been doing a string of articles focusing on bargain bows. The reason is I still remember buying my first bow. Money was tight at the time, and I didn't have much experience in archery. All I really had was an inkling in my gut that archery would be a sport I would enjoy. I remember going to the sporting goods store and browsing a full lineup of all kinds of bows. After shooting a handful of good bows, I eventually found an affordable recurve bow in my hand. The price tag loomed large in my mind, but the magic of the bow had infected me by that point. I coughed up enough cash to walk out of the store with a brand new bow, and a ticket to the adventures it would open for me. Perhaps you find yourself in the same situation. Cash strapped, but curious about archery. If you are in this situation, and think crossbows might appeal to you, take a peak at the SAS Disturbance. It is a great crossbow for a beginner. The SAS Disturbance is a recurve bow produced by Southland Archery Supply. Recurves are the most primitive crossbows produced today, but are still capable of solid shooting. This crossbow is good for beginners for several reasons. [caption id="attachment_6313" align="alignright" width="201"]SAS Disturbance SAS Disturbance[/caption] One, it has a relatively light draw weight as far as crossbows go. It pulls at 175 pounds. This might seem like a ton, and it probably is too much for a youngster, but when compared across the board against all adult crossbows, it is on the light end. The SAS Disturbance is still capable of bringing down big game animals as it moves arrows downrange at around 245 feet per second. When discussing modern crossbows, this speed is very slow. However, it is still faster than modern traditional vertical bows that people use every year to bring down animals. It's all about shot placement. Secondly as a recurve is sticks to the K.I.S.S. principle; keep it super simple. You won't have to worry about cam tuning or anything like that with this bow. Simply pull, cock, and release. If you're intimidated by the gadgetry of modern bows this recurve crossbow might be for you. Finally, in fitting with the theme of this piece, this bow is an incredible value. At it retails for only $89.99. Throw in a few arrows and you're looking at a box full of everything you need showing up at your door for less than $150. Not bad when you think about all that goes into it. The SAS Disturbance might not be the top-of-the-line bow out there. I'm sure it has its problems just like my first bow did. In the end though, for the cost you not only get the crossbow itself, but all the adventure and excitement it can offer you. What a great deal. Follow the author through his facebook page or on twitter. NEXT: 5 GREAT ENTRY LEVEL CROSSBOWS
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