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The SAS Rage Compound Bow is One of the Most Versatile in Their Lineup

The SAS Rage compound bow is another intriguing bow in the SAS lineup.

When you look at different industries, you can see companies trying to fill a specific niche. Take a look at hunting boots for example. Some companies aim to produce the most high-end product they can. The result is a hunting boot that can hit $400. On the other hand, there are people out there making hunting boots for little to almost nothing. Other companies try to create all-terrain hunting boots, while still others aim to make the longest lasting. Whatever niche there is to be filled, you can bet at least one company is trying to fill it. The same is true for archery bows. We all know there are many different companies out there producing bows. Each company has a reputation for a certain kind of bow. One company that is filling a much needed niche in the archery world is Southland Archery Supply (SAS). This company has a reputation for making effective archery gear the average Joe can afford. One of their most versatile bows is the newly released SAS Rage compound bow.

SAS Rage Compound Bow

[caption id="attachment_6696" align="alignleft" width="172"]SAS Rage Compound Bow SAS Rage Compound Bow[/caption] The SAS Rage compound bow appears to be a good bow for an intermediate shooter who is growing either physically, or in their skill. It has a moderate 35" axle to axle measurement. This measurement is not terribly long but not considered short either. Generally, longer axle to axle measurements are seen as more forgiving bows, so it might be a good fit for someone still fine tuning their skills. Secondly, the Rage features both adjustable draw length and draw weight as well. The draw weight on this bow ranges from 55 pounds to 70 pounds. It is an ideal weight range for most mature shooters, but might be a tad too much for a young shooter. As mentioned, the draw length also adjusts from 26 to 30 inches. Again, this range is ideal for most mature shooters or large adolescents. In the performance department, the SAS Rage is about what you'd expect. It can hit a maximum arrow speed of 270 feet per second. Although not their fastest bow, the Rage is still flinging arrows hard and fast enough for hunting purposes. Keep in mind that 270 is the maximum speed. If you decrease the bow poundage, or shoot a heavier arrow, you will be losing speed. That being said, this bow would be an adequate hunting tool for most species you'd ever hunt. [caption id="attachment_6697" align="alignright" width="179"]SAS Rage Travel Package SAS Rage Travel Package[/caption] The final aspect of the SAS Rage is the affordability it offers. As stated earlier, SAS makes a point of producing affordable archery gear. The Rage is no different. If you are looking at just the bow, with accessories, it retails for less than $300. However, the travel package might be the best bargain if you are needing an entire new outfit. For $499, the travel package includes the bow, all the accessories you'd expect, 12 arrows, 6 broadheads, a hard travel case, and a mechanical release. If you pieced it all together, you would quickly spend much more than the $499 price tag. It might be a good option for someone looking to make their first splash in the archery world. SAS makes quite an array of affordable archery gear. If you can't afford to, or don't want to, spend a month's mortgage on a new bow, they might have you covered. The Rage has adequate performance, and the package deal offers a heck of a lot of value. NEXT: SAS DESTROYER; FAST, AFFORDABLE, AND ALL DECKED OUT. WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR?
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