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Introducing all new designed website. Notes: All existing accounts need to create new passwords. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The Truth About Arrow Penetration: PT 1 Dr. Ed Ashby

Learning the facts about arrow penetration is one aspect of the hunt nobody can afford to misunderstand.

[caption id="attachment_6007" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Maximum arrow penetration is something most archers aspire for. Maximum arrow penetration is something most archers aspire for.[/caption] Arrow penetration is one of the most discussed, debated, and researched topics in the bowhunting world. Head to any archery forum and you are likely to see a fairly recent thread addressing the topic. It is the sales pitch for countless items for sale in the hunting world as companies vow to out due each other in the arena. For obvious reasons, bowhunters demand lethal arrow penetration on every shot. One man, Dr. Ed Ashby, has dedicated most of his working life to better understanding the subject of arrow penetration. Dr. Ashby was a lifelong bowhunter and semi-retired army eye doctor when the game department in South Africa contacted him. They wanted him to participate in a study concerning the lethality of archery equipment to hunt dangerous game in Africa. After 27 years of research testing all varieties of bows, arrows, and broadhead combinations, Dr. Ashby has developed a few rules for good arrow performance. Before diving into the results of Ashby's study, it is important to look at a few of his main beliefs. For starters, Ashby's interest in the subject lay in his desire to decrease animal loss and wounded animals. As most seasoned bowhunters know, these types of losses can cling to a person's conscience. Secondly, Ashby did not believe there was such thing as "overkill" when it came to bowhunting. In that regard, he believed the same bow and arrow setup a hunter would use on cape buffalo, should be the same bow they use in the whitetail woods. No more, no less. Finally, heavy archery equipment, heavy bows, heavy arrows, and heavy broadheads, are superior hunting tools, and can help turn bad bone hits, into potential kill shots. Although Dr. Ashby's findings have earned him great respect in the archery community, there have been grumblings as well. A few folks have disputed his research, and claim his science is not up to snuff. As with anything, Ashby has his share of critics. Anyone looking at his findings is encouraged to do so with an open mind, taking into account his extensive experience, but also the undeniable fact he is human as well. So, after 27 years of research, what did Dr. Ashby's findings about arrow penetration reveal? Continue to part 2 of this blog to read his 10 keys for achieving top arrow penetration. NEXT: THE TRUTH ABOUT ARROW PENETRATION; PT 2 THE FINDINGS
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