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The Whole Package: SAS Recurve Bowfishing Bow

The SAS Recurve bowfishing bow might help get you through to next hunting season.

The slow months of summer can be difficult for the dedicated bowhunter. Although practicing in the backyard or on the range is a great thing to do, there are some folks out there just can't scratch their itch that way. 3-D target shoots are one great option for a hyperactive bowhunter. Another well documented way to get out with your bow in hand is bowfishing. When I first considered getting involved in bowfishing my main hangup was the added cost. Like lots of families out there, I just didn't know if I could squeeze a bowfishing rig into my budget. After a lot of hemming and hawying I finally pulled the trigger and it couldn't have been money better spent. I don't get to bowfish as much as I would like, but having the gear to get out and go when I can is a nice option. If you are like me and don't know if you can fit a bowfishing rig into your budget, take a look at the SAS Recurve bowfishing bow and you might decide otherwise. [caption id="attachment_6289" align="alignright" width="250"]SAS Recurve bowfishing bow SAS Recurve bowfishing bow[/caption] The SAS Recurve bowfishing bow has everything the first time bowfisher needs. It is a 60" recurve bow with a 40 pound draw weight. If you are unfamiliar with traditional bows the draw weight is determined by the weight of the bow at a 28 inch draw. It would be slightly lower or higher depending on whether you draw the bow shorter or longer. A 40 pound draw weight is not considered heavy by any means, and can be drawn my both men and women after they have reached adolescence. This rig comes standard with a SAS bowfishing reel and arrow setup. The arrows used when bowfishing are different than hunting arrows. They are made from fiberglass rather than carbon. This makes them heavier and more durable. A heavy fiberglass arrow is good for bowfishing because it will penetrate the water more easily and makes your shooting more accurate. The arrow in the package also comes with a specialized bowfishing point to ensure your pierced fish doesn't slide off. The SAS Recurve bowfishing bow retails at a very reasonable price of $149.99. When you consider you are buying a brand new recurve bow, reel, and bowfishing arrow it would be hard to beat this price. If the summer blues got you down this time of year, take a look at the SAS Recurve bowfishing bow. It might be just what the doctor ordered. Follow the author through his facebook page or on twitter. NEXT: STAYING TUNED UP; OFFSEASON HUNTING WORKOUTS
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