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Thermal Imaging for Hunting: EOTECH X640

When it comes to using thermal imaging for hunting, the EOTECH X640 is a great option.

The use of thermal imaging for hunting purposes is a relatively new idea, and still has some doubters over the ethics of such practices. New technologies have offered us the ability to become more efficient hunters at night, particularly of prolific critters like coyotes and hogs who have little hunting regulations in most states. Although thermal imaging for hunting in the modern era is new, the idea of hunting at night is as old as the mountains. In all likelihood people have been hunting at night since the beginning. Native Americans used the practice extensively, and a group of Native American tribes in Wisconsin recently won the ability to continue night hunts in their traditional tribal lands. The truth also is that Daniel Boone hunted extensively at night by lashing a lantern to the bow of a canoe and drifting creeks and rivers for deer and bear. [caption id="attachment_5981" align="alignleft" width="200"]EOTECH X640 EOTECH X640[/caption] Times have changed, and technology has changed, but the desire of people to hunt the midnight hours has not. Manufacturers at businesses like EOTECH have changed the game and now offer hunters a great opportunity to manage pest populations at night. Check out this hunting video that used EOTECH thermal imaging for hunting hogs. Although it carries a stiff price tag, the EOTECH X640 has some incredible features. [caption id="attachment_5982" align="alignright" width="150"]EOTECH X640 Display EOTECH X640 Display[/caption] For starters, it can detect human activity in the black of night at 1,100 yards away. This makes the EOTECH X640 not only handy for hunters, but law enforcement as well. Like the hog hunters in this video, law enforcement is all too often doing their work at night and thermal imaging can help get their job done. The X640 also allows the viewer to switch between white and black hot detection pallets. Is the EOTECH X640 and the use of thermal imaging for hunting for everybody? Probably not. For starters, not everyone will be able to front the cash to purchase a thermal imaging system. Also, some folks will draw the line at night hunting, and quit their hunting activities with the setting of the sun. Others, like individuals involved in animal damage control, or pest control, will no doubt find the usefulness of thermal imaging for hunting hard to pass up. I recently saw a hunting video of Fred Eichler who used similar technology to help rid his ranch of some problem coyotes who had been stealing calves. Folks in the ranching business may also quickly be able to regain spent money by preventing the loss of calves or other small animals. If you think the idea of using thermal imaging for hunting sounds appealing, give the EOTECH X640 a hard look over. NEXT: CAPTURE THE MOMENT WITH THESE HUNTING CAMERAS
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