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Top 3 Compound Bows for Women

Whether you are a woman looking to land a bow, or you are a husband looking to get your wife involved, here are the top 3 compound bows for women.

This blog post finds me impatiently waiting for the archery season opener in a neighboring state. I'm not excited about putting the hammer down on a big buck, or going on a great adventure hunt, I'm excited because this season will be the first my wife has gotten to hunt in a long time. Whether we get a deer matters little. We have had fun practicing in the backyard together with our young girls swarming around our ankles and introducing both of them to the great sport of archery. Women are one of the fastest growing groups of new recruits in archery. This has caused a shift in modern archery for the better. In the past women were forced into using men's bows, men's camo, and men's everything. Now companies have expanded their range of products to specifically accommodate women. By expanding their lineup to meet the needs of women they have accelerated the recruitment of them as well. This means more hunters in the woods (which is good), more families shooting together (which is good), and more women outshooting their husbands (eh...not so good). If you happen to be in the market for a woman's bow, here are the top 3 compound bows for women from


[caption id="attachment_6452" align="alignleft" width="172"]Diamond Infinite Edge Diamond Infinite Edge[/caption] It is hard to say enough good things about the Diamond Infinite Edge. This bow was designed for shooters of all abilities and all experience levels. The Infinite Edge is easily one of the most adaptable bows on the market. It features draw length adjustability from 13 to 31 inches, and draw weight adjustments from a toddler capable 5 pounds to an elk killing 70 pounds. In fact my wife shoots an Edge series bow and it has worked great for her over the years. As her strength increased, we easily were able to increase the poundage of the bow to get the most performance out of it. The folks at Diamond have done an excellent job designing this bow, making it one of the top compound bows for women and growing teens as well.


[caption id="attachment_6453" align="alignright" width="162"]Parker Sidekick Extreme Parker Sidekick Extreme[/caption] Another bow that has been specifically designed to meet the needs of female shooters is the Parker Sidekick Extreme. One thing to look for when buying a bow for the typical woman is a shorter draw length due to the typically smaller nature of woman. The Sidekick has variable draw lengths from 18 inches to 28 inches making it a good option. This would not be a good bow for a woman over about six feet tall. At that point, depending on their arm length, you might begin to run out of real estate on the draw. The Parker Sidekick also comes in two weight ranges with choice of the 20-40 pounds or 40-60 pounds on the draw weight. The weight break on these bows is important. If you will only be target shooting the 20-40 pound model would be acceptable. However, if you would ever like to hunt with this bow you would definitely need the 40-60 pound model. 30 pound weight ranges would have made this bow better, as 40 pounds sometimes may be a bit heavy for the beginning archer.


[caption id="attachment_6454" align="alignleft" width="175"]SAS Scorpii SAS Scorpii[/caption] The last bow to find its way on our list of the top compound bows for women is the SAS Scorpii. The Scorpii has all the attributes that make for a great women's bow. From an range of draw lengths to adjustable draw weights, the Scorpii can fit the bill. One added benefit of the Scorpii is the price tag. Ringing in at $149.99, it will go easy on the wallet. This bow would be an ideal package for someone wanting to give archery a try, but not willing to invest a substantial amount of money into the venture. It could be a bow you shoot for a long time, or it could be a gateway bow into the wonderful world of archery. As mentioned earlier, women are quickly picking up bows and arrows across America. A number of women hunt professionally on TV programs and are some of the biggest names in the hunting industry. As women archers become more and more a part of the scene, expect bow manufactures to develop more gear designed specifically for women. NEXT: LADIES CAMO; BLAZE PINK GAINING CREDIBILITY
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