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TP Stealth FX Crossbow Review

Tenpoint Stealth FX4 Compound Crossbow Whenever someone mentions a top-of-the-line compound crossbow, TenPoint is one of those companies that has to come to mind. Year in and year out they produce some of the most technologically sophisticated crossbows. Advocates of the brand are quick to point out that the assembly plant in Ohio has some of the best customer service in the industry to top off. What else would you expect from this american made brand. No matter what you reason is for checking out this brand, one thing is certain. They consistently put out a great product. The Stealth FX4 is one of their new tech-focused offerings. If you are familiar with the Stealth SS, you will see that this is a beefed up version of that particular crossbow. That is not to say that this is a bigger version, because it is actually extremely compact measuring 17.6 uncocked and 13.3’’ fully cocked. Its beefed up because of its specs.

The Stealth FX4 is a Balanced Shooter

Many of today's crossbows tend to feel very unbalanced and customers state that they tend to feel front heavy. Some of that can't be completely taken away because of design, but you can work around it. The way that the 34.4’’ long TenPoint is constructed gives shooters a more comfortable and balanced shot. If you are a shooter who needs maneuverability, then this is the crossbow for you. I attribute much of this to the FSB stock and the FST (thumbhole). Both of these advancements give the shooter more control over the shot.

Tenpoint's HE2 Cams Produce Insane Speed

This bow also performs well out in the field. It rifles off arrows at 350 feet per second with a 425 grain arrow! The company also states that it can shoot a 370 grain arrow as fast as 370 FPS, but the manual tells you to use a 420 grain arrow so that is what I used to test it on our chronograph. This is due in large part to the HE2 cams which are designed to generate maximum energy and speed.

Tenpoint Stealth FX4 Packages

You can get this package with the ACUDraw or ACUDraw50 cocking mechanisms which make getting this crossbow ready, a breeze. Either of these cocking systems will fully integrate onto your stock and will drastically reduce the effort that is required to cock your crossbow. If you want to cock your crossbow on your own then you should get the ACUDraw50 which reduces the weight by 50%. If you get the ACUDraw, you can reduce the effort to just 5 pounds. Otherwise you will need to get a separate cocking rope. TenPoint has developed a knack for producing a quality product. They do things a little bit differently over there. They market the experience of hunting, because they know that their products will undoubtedly perform. Dependability is something that is not as common as it used to be, but you can be sure that you can depend on TenPoint to help you get your next buck. With their Limited Limited Operational Warranty, why wouldn’t you give them a shot?
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