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Tuned Up: In Season Shooting Tips


Quick Tips for an In Season Shooting Routine

Modern bows, both crossbows and compound bows, have made tremendous strides in the past 15 to 20 years. New cam technology, stabilizing technology, and design modifications have made our bows almost automatic on the shot. What’s not automatic is the human operating those fine weapons. Most people operate in a “if you don’t use it you lose it” system, and have to practice consistently to keep their shooting in top shape. Shooting your bow during the pre-season is easy, but as the season wears on and the days get shorter, it’s often harder to find time for full practice sessions. Here are a few things to focus on for quality in season practice.

Short Shoots

If you practiced shooting your bow diligently during the summer months, you’re probably already shooting near your peak ability. One benefit is that you won’t have to dedicate hours to fine tuning your form. Make it a goal to find time, maybe 1 minute, for shooting practice each day or a few times a week. Your goal should be to shoot quality arrows, not quantity. One benefit of shorter practice sessions is they mimic hunting situations more accurately, since you don’t have the luxury of finding a rhythm.

Focus on Fundamentals

Your biggest focus during your in season practice session should be on fundamentals. Proper anchor point, or weld point, and form with a clean release and follow through should be stressed with every shot. Many professional archers suggest developing a routine for shooting, and this routine should be relived during each in season practice session. Keeping your muscle memory sharp is just as important as keeping your broadheads sharp.

Stump Shoot

One great opportunity for in season practice is stump shooting during your hunting forays. Taking a few practice shots at random objects while out on your hunt takes almost no extra time and can provide valuable practice. Stump shooting presents real-life shot situations, with unknown distances, vegetation obstructions, wind, elevation, and the like all taken into consideration. Not only are the shots realistic it’s a chance to practice in your hunting gear. You’ll soon find out if you have any gear issues like sleeve interference, or a problem shooting with your hunting gloves on. In season practice helps us keep our skills sharp and ready for the moment of truth. If you can find a few minutes every few days for shooting your bow, focus on your fundamentals and routine, and do some stump shooting in the field you will go a long way in keeping yourself tuned up and shooting straight. Follow this link to for all your shooting gear.
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