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Turkey Hunting Gear; 3 Must Have Items

If you plan on hitting the woods to chase some gobblers, remember to take the right turkey hunting gear for the job.

[caption id="attachment_6142" align="aligncenter" width="235"]turkey-802234_1280 Having the right turkey hunting gear can help you seal the deal on a tricky longbeard.[/caption] Springs is synonymous with turkey hunting in many places across America. Warming weather not only makes it hard to stay indoors, but really revs up gobblers as well. Not only does turkey hunting coincide with pleasant weather, but also comes at the right time for archers. Bows are dusted off and broadheads are honed around America as the hunter's switch is turned back on. When you combine confident toms strutting and gobbling with the up close action turkey hunting provides, its no wonder it has become so popular. Like nearly everything turkey hunting has developed its own industry. There are a million products out there designed specifically for turkey hunting, most of which is unnecessary. There are a few items though that really increase your odds at success. Make double sure you pack these 3 pieces of essential turkey hunting gear on your next spring outing.


Probably the most important piece of turkey hunting gear in any gobbler chasing archer's pocket is their turkey call. These calls come in a variety of styles. Common options are slate calls, box calls, and mouth calls. Slate calls and box calls work great, and have lead many turkeys to their demise, but a mouth call is just what the archer ordered. By using a mouth call when bow hunting turkeys, your hands can stay ready for the shot as the bird comes in. With the exceptional vision of turkeys, making as little movement as possible is important as they come into your stand.


Turkeys certainly have some of the best eyesight of any big game animal in North America. Their incredible ability to pick off movement has kept many longbeards in the woods rather than on a wall. In order to best avoid their detection, it is wise to bring along some type of concealment when hunting the birds. While concealment can come from a number of things ground blinds are a popular item today. They offer near total concealment and can be moved to any location you want. Recently a company called Ghostblinds created a blind made of mirrors to help conceal a hunter from their prey. If a ground blind doesn't fit into your budget, lots of folks get by stringing some camo netting between two trees. Whatever it takes to avoid detection.


As previously mentioned, spring is the season of love for turkeys. Gobblers are wandering to find some lonely hens and this is a hunter's greatest advantage. Calls are important to lure in a gobbler, but visuals can be very helpful to draw them in the final few yards. There are a variety of decoys out there hunters can choose from. Turkey decoys come in 2-D, 3-D, toms, jakes, hens, and anyway else that might help fool a tom. Some folks choose to haul their 3-D turkey target to the woods which can double nicely for the job. The main thing is you give a tom some gold at the end of the rainbow. He's heard your calling if he's come this far, now the visual will give him all the confidence he needs to bomb right in. Novice and experienced turkey hunters alike can all benefit from these 3 pieces of turkey hunting gear. They not only prey on a longbeard's desires in spring, but also help to avoid his biggest asset. Make sure to takes them on your next spring hunting foray it increase your odds at brining home a nice hooked spurred tom. NEXT: CLEAN KILLS; WHERE TO SHOOT A TURKEY WITH A BOW
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