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Type of Archery Arrows

All types of Archery Arrows have their advantages and disadvantages. That is because they are made of different kinds of materials. Therefore, archers and hunters have to aware of the different characteristics of the arrows. There are specific arrows that will fit every hunting situation. Likewise, there are also specific arrows that will suit different hunting styles.

Wood arrows are the cheapest of all archery arrows.  That is the reason why they are best used by beginners who might lose them easily. Because they might easily break, it is important to be careful in their usage. Wood arrows that are made of compact cedar are usually stronger and might not easily break compared to other wood arrows.  Since they are also heavier in weight, they could be slower than their counterparts. However, cedar arrows could better pierce through the body of the target.

Fiberglass arrows have durability than wooden arrows.  In addition, they could easily adjust to the different heights and strengths of archers. Manufacturing could also be made more consistent than their wooden counterparts. However, it could easily break.

Aluminum arrows can be manufactured consistently by factories.  They can be easily replaced. It is easy to purchase a similar type that the archers have been used to. They also come in array of sizes and in several variances of alloys. One set of arrows can be used longer because of the availability of replacement. Several parts like the tips can be easily bought from the stores. The arrow heads are mostly replaceable and interchangeable. Durability, convenience and consistency have their price because they are more expensive.  Experienced archers choose them than the wooden and fiberglass arrows.

These Aluminum arrows could be susceptible to bends in shafts after continued usage.  Although they are not very obvious to the naked eyes, these bends might affect the flight of the arrows.

Carbon graphite arrows are not vulnerable to bends in its structure. These arrows adjust easily to the forces that affect them. This adaptability makes them more flexible and prevents them from bending easily.

When carbon graphite arrows are shot against hard to penetrate surfaces, they will just break into pieces rather than bend. Breaking is safer than bending.  It prevents the hunter from being hurt by a defective arrow.  It also prevents usage of arrows that the shooter doesn’t know have bends. It is costly for a shooter to use arrows that are flying inappropriately especially during competitions and target shooting. They will just need to replace them immediately rather than suffer the consequences of using defective arrows.

The aluminum-carbon arrows are combinations of aluminum and carbon.  The core has aluminum component that is coated externally by carbon.  These arrows are capable of flying faster because they come in smaller sizes and they are also lighter in weight.  If somebody wants to shoot a longer and farther distance, this type of arrow is usually the choice. However, it might not be advisable for beginners who are shooting short range with a nearer target.  They are also very expensive. This type of archery arrows is used by archers who are in serious tournaments and are very thoughtful of their crafts.

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