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Types of Archery Bow

Archery is known as the act of thrusting arrows using a bow. In the past, archery was used for battle and for hunting. These days, it is more known as a skill, an art or form of recreational activity. An archer or a bowman is referred to an individual who joins in archery. The term toxophilite is used to call an expert in archery. When shooting arrows at a target from a certain distance to test precision, this is called competitive archery. Another name for competitive archery is target archery and is the most admired form of archery. PSE Chaos One - Black Camo RTS Package Archery equipment involves arrows and youth bows.  The bow is the most important piece needed in this sport. The way a bow is created is important in obtaining the greatest shooting ability. Different types of bows are made based on intended use.  The basic types of bows are cross bows, short bows and long bows. There are also available compound bow types. Bow making is believed to have substantial effect on a shot’s accuracy. Among the types of youth bows, a long bow is considered the standard type of bow.  It is widely used and is normally the one provided to beginners. A compound bow is the type of bow that allows powerful and accurate shots. It is made of rigid limbs and a pulley system. The latter one allows the archer to turn them when dragging back on the string. A traditional bow and used among tribal groups is a self bow. Self bows are carved out from one piece of wood and are known for being the simplest type of bow. The recurve bow is the type that allows storing of more energy. The bow’s tips curve away from the archer. It is mostly used for horseback because it is the easiest to handle. Crossbows are used as war weapon by tradition. The bow is set and projectile arrows are released after pulling the trigger. In modern time these are used for target practice and are still used for hunting purposes. The last type to be discussed is the flat bows. This type is usually used in Europe and in the United States. A flat bow’s limbs appear wider at front view but narrower at side view. A flat bow is invented to have the best cross-sectional cut among all types of youth bows. The arrow is used in archery to determine the distance, accuracy and strength of the shot. Length and weight are equally important in an arrow. Other archery equipment needed is a quiver and an arrow rest. The quiver holds the arrow in place while the arrow rest enables arrows to fly consistently. Click here to see the details of youth bow PSE Chaos One - Black Camo RTS Package:
PSE Chaos One - Black Camo RTS Package PSE Chaos One - Black Camo RTS Package
  • Available: 40, 50 or 60 draw weights.
  • Includes: Gemini Sight, Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit, Mongoose Quiver, Peep Wheel and Nock Set
  • Drop down box will show available options.
  • Made in USA
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