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Use of Crossbows in movies

The trend of using crossbows in Hollywood movies and TV programs is not new. It’s been prevailing since past many years and capturing the eyes of enthusiastic watchers. There are various movies released till now where constant use of crossbows has been made to entertain people. One of the greatest hits of the decade, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is considered to be an epic movie. This movie is based on the war theme and therefore ancient crossbow content has been beautifully used in this movie. The designs of the crossbows used here vary accordingly. Barnett Crossbows The crossbows signify the power and ancient modesty. Thus, they are used in these kinds of movies where a major part is portrays the scenes of wars and conquerors. Earlier, the armies consisted of soldiers, archers, riders and cavalry. These were considered the essential elements of any army. Thus, crossbows in movies are generally used in two types of versions, light and hard. The fine use of these crossbows in movies like the Lord of the Rings and The wild Geese has raised the levels of this sport so far. The use of crossbow, whether on small or large scale, has remained successful in raising the quality levels of movies. It provides them with an authentic feel as and when required.  One cannot forget the crossbow content used in the highly praised movie of the decade, The Gladiator. The use of crossbows can vary from the typical one to something innovative. Many movies have gathered enough praises and awards due to innovative and creative themes deployed in them. Infinite number of movies can be classified in the same. The swift movements and tricks employed in the use of crossbows make them ideal on being portrayed on the big screen to allure and tempt people. Some of the people in the country have been greatly inspired by the hasty movements of the archers with crossbow in different movies. Crossbows, employed in the movies and serials, can also be seen mounted with various arms and ammunition in order to enhance their usability during the battle. Other movies that are seen shooting the crossbow scenes include Underworld, Van Helsing and many of the James Bond series. Movies exclusively based on the crossbow have also been shot and released worldwide. The recent being the Hunger games, where a girl devotes her whole life to the practice of archery and in acquiring its swift skills. In fact, the art of using crossbows have inspired millions of children to take up as an activity. Kids are enrolling in several archery schools and participating in range events to showcase their talent and skills with the use of crossbow. Being a non-violent and focussed activity, schools are planning to introduce this art sooner or later. Click here to check out the most popular crossbows.
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