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Introducing all new designed website. Notes: All existing accounts need to create new passwords. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Vendor Spotlight: RipCord Arrow Rest

Ripcord Arrow Rest Vendor Spotlight

Who Shoots with a Ripcord

Our Vendor Spotlight for this week is on RipCord Arrow Rests. There are top shooters from all over the world that say the Ripcord arrow rest are the best out there. Will Primos of Primos Hunting Calls switched to a Ripcord almost a decade ago and he has never looked back. Matt Bateman over at Grim Reaper Broadheads chose his Ripcord because it offers him “flawless performance.” The reviews can go on and on, but one thing remains. Ripcord Arrow Rests are built not only for top performance, but they are also tough and dependable. A real american made product. The sentiment that is echoed by Ripcord shooters is that of dependability. When you are traveling far out into the field, you want to make certain that your equipment will never fail. What’s the point of an arrow rest that is not functioning? Shooters that go bowhunting upwards of 40+ days out of the year know that the Ripcord arrow rests can take the bashing that they put them through.

Ripcord has their "rock solid guarantee"

Keith and Don Dvoroznak truly value quality. Don even goes on out of his way to say that he wants any one of the Ripcords to be the best arrow rest that anyone has ever put onto their compound bow. This is exemplified in their “rock solid guarantee.” It states that if the original owner has a part break for any reason, it will be repaired or replaced at no cost. The proof is in the pudding. The reason why the makers of Ripcord arrow rests can offer this type of guarantee is because all of their arrow rests are machined the toughest materials. Most are machined from blocks of lightweight aluminum. There are mostly rounded edges that this arrow rest a very polished look.

Consistency and accuracy are improved with the break on this arrow rest

The Ripcord features a break that prevents the arrow rest from bouncing back. This means that shooters will get much more consistent and accurate shots with this arrow rest. This is the single biggest issue against drop away arrow rests. Ripcord solves it. Wouldn't you want tighter groups, and more consistency?

New Arrow Rests from Ripcord

Ripcord recently came out with the ACE Micro arrow rest which is the first micro adjustable fall away rest that is on the market. A ton of time went into testing and developing this product into what it is today. 100% arrow containment, exceptional vane clearance, and micro-adjustability is what makes this arrow rest a great new addition to their lineup. They make arrow rest for all shooters. Bow hunters, target shooters, or recreational shooters could all benefit from the best drop away arrow rest on the market right now. They are considered by many to be the #1 drop away arrow rest, especially for bow hunters. Ripcord is proudly made in the USA. Check out Ripcord and see what all the commotion is about.
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