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Ventilator Extreme: Fastest Crossbow Available

Scorpyd Ventilator Extreme Review The latest edition of Crossbow Revolution features a full review on the fastest crossbow around, the Ventilator Extreme. This bow blows away it's competition in sheer speed with an average 440 feet per second on each shot. Unlike many competitors, the Ventilator Extreme accomplishes its lightning fast speed without relying on the use of featherlight arrows to get the job done. Recent reviews have come away with glowing reports of its power and construction, with only mild complaints about the folding stock and the pressure necessary to cock the crossbow.

"The Ventilator is a Powerhouse"

Precision engineering and using high quality materials make this hunting crossbow a powerhouse. It begins with a lengthy power stroke of 18-1/2 inches Power stroke references the length between a cocked string and a string at rest. The overall size is 35-1/2 inches in length, but Scorpyd minimizes the impact of the length with their patented Reverse Draw Technology - this crossbow remains a top contender because it is a compact hunting weapon. [caption id="attachment_5431" align="alignright" width="300"]Scorpyd Ventilator Extreme Scorpyd Ventilator Extreme[/caption] The crossbows feature Barnsdale laminated limbs, titanium fasteners, a patented anti-dryfire device, ViperX strings and cables, and the excellent Kempf Tech trigger assembly. The cocked bow is 12-7/8 in width, and the weight comes in at about 8 pounds with the vented stock and barrel. Buyers are given the option of illuminated or non-illuminated Hawke scopes. It comes with Bowjax silences, sling, studs, string stops, a quiver, and six Scorpyd SPEC GoldTip Laser III arrows with a lot of accessory options. Scorpyd offers less intense variations on this crossbow, with draw weights of 110 lbs up to the 440 fps 175 lbs version.

438 FPS

Game and Fish Magazine reported that this crossbow offered incredible speed and power, a light trigger, and exceptional balance. They managed to measure a 438 fps shot, and it came in at 96.70 dB in sound with a trigger pull of 1.95 pounds. Their only real complaint was the hinged stock and the challenge to cock it. If you get a rope cocking device, you can cut the effort required by half. Overall, this crossbow is an impressive offering for anyone who is shopping for a new compound crossbow. It offers a lot of power yet remains well-balanced, precise, and versatile.
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