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What Crossbow Broadheads Should I Buy

Choosing the best hunting broadheads for your crossbow is going to vary greatly. There is no one size fits all. The thing that matters is how you will be using the broadheads. What are you trying to kill? The best broadheads for the task at hand will be different if you are shooting deer, then if you were hunting bears or hogs. The location that you are hunting will also matter. Typically out west shots are taken at greater distances, and back east, shots are much shorter because they are being taken from a tree stand. This means that the optimal broadhead could be different for the same crossbow. Every little thing matters when you are choosing your broadheads, so choose em’ wisely.

Know What You Are Hunting

If you are going to shoot deer then pretty much anything will work. If you are trying to kill something that is bigger than mid-sized game you will be better off shooting a fixed blade broadhead. Mostly all of the manufacturers out there are all going to have steel blades so there is no need to really worry about the sharpness. You should be more focused on the wound channel that the broadhead will provide.

Know Your Budget.

One you know what you are shooting, you need to set a realistic budget. Some shooters want to spend as little as possible. There are some good inexpensive broadheads out there, but you need to understand that you will probable have to replace them every hunting season. You can get a 3 pack of fixed blades for 7.99! There is also the other end of the spectrum that you can go for. These broadheads fall in the 50-75 dollar range. These will typically get you better passthroughs and wider wound channels. If you are looking to get expendables, then this is the category you should be looking at. With so many parts, it is better to be safe than sorry.

What Should You Look for When Purchasing Broadheads

First and foremost, you need to make sure that the broadheads that you are looking at are the same weight as the field point tips that you are replacing. Generally you are trying to match your field point weight so that you do not have to change your sights. This is why you should try to get something that will fly as close as possible to your original field point tips. If you do not, you need to understand that you will need to do some extra tuning before the season starts. If you are looking for 100 grains I like the F15 by Carbon Express because they make a large wound channel and switch out nicely with my 100 grain practice points.

No Escaping the Tuning

Either way, you will need to shoot your broadheads in every year. If you change what you are using, then you need to make sure that they are flying in conjunction with how your old version was flying. You should also ensure to set all of them on the arrow the in the same position so that they will fly the same. If you are using an expendable, then you can just put it on the arrow and let em fly.

What About Expandable Broadheads

Rage on animal expandable broadheads are deadly. The thing you have to remember with expandable broadheads is that you have to get a quartering away shot. From the liver to the heart. People have killed elk with expendable but they are not my preferred choice. They do a heck of a job as long as the blades stay shut.
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