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When to Use Hunting Slingshot - Know the Proper Moment

Hunting is the act of killing any living thing for a variety of reasons. Hunting is usually done as a form of recreation nowadays. There are many forms of hunting depending upon the size of the targeted animal or the weapon to be used. Hunting using the slingshot as the weapon of choice is one of the uncommon forms of this sport. It is uncommon because most hunters opt the use of guns or bows to kill their targets.  Barnett Cobra Slingshot It is clearly seen that this form of hunting is quite uncommon because of the weapon involved. Also, because of the weapon, the animals involved are mainly of small variety. This is because the weapon is incapable of dealing killing blows to large animals such as bears and lions, although the previous application of using an arrow as the ammunition may prove to be effective. Nevertheless, the sport of hunting using this weapon is still a great recreational activity. Unlike bows and guns which could kill even large animals with just a single shot, the hunting slingshot needs precise accuracy to land the killing blow. There are several parts of an animal’s body which could be hit to kill the animal although the kill zone is less than the size of a quarter. Barnett Folding Black Widow Slingshot The most famous example is known as the brain shot. The brain shot is a shot to the back of the head which instantly kills the animal. If the shot does not instantly kill the animal, the animal must be immediately followed to be able to recover the body. Usually, this is done when the animal is grazing and the hunter’s position is a little bit elevated compared to the animal’s position. The proper moment to use this projectile weapon is when the animal loses its guard. It is very difficult to aim a moving animal with this weapon thus sleeping targets or grazing targets are best to look out for. It must also be remembered that this weapon is not intended for use when being chased by an animal because the reloading time and aiming will be significantly off. It is advised to have a gun in hand when hunting using this weapon to be prepared for sudden animal attacks. Finally, a metal sphere with the size of a slightly larger marble is advised to be able to increase the weapon’s killing capability. Click here to see the cool Slingshots.
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