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Wintertime Fun: Coyote Calling

You don't have to have a gun to go predator hunting this winter. Break out your bow for some coyote calling wintertime fun.

[caption id="attachment_5830" align="aligncenter" width="282"]Coyote_in_Grand_Teton_NP-NPS Coyote calling can be a great challenge for winter bowhunting fanatics.[/caption] December brings the shortest day of the year and old man winter. Odds are that you've tagged out, or enjoyed your tag sandwich, and are ready to ring in the new year. Just because deer season is over, doesn't mean your bowhunting fun has to stop. Try some coyotes calling this winter to spice up your bowhunting routine. January is the perfect time to start calling coyotes, and for a beginner will offer the best chance for success. During these cold winter months the coyotes have to eat much more in order to keep warm and stay alive. It's during the cold months they are most susceptible to coming into a distress call like a squealing rabbit call. Calling coyotes requires proficiently requires an expert ear. Send out a phony sounding rabbit squeal and you'll likely see coyotes running the other way. Fortunately manufacturers toady are creating great electronic callers for predator hunting. Most pros use an electronic coyote caller so when the dogs get in close they can ready themselves for the shot. As the winter moves on into February coyote callers have another advantage working in their favor. Coyotes start their breeding season at this time so using a female in heat call will increase your odds at scoring on a lonely male. When setting up a stand for calling coyotes it is important to take a few factors into account. For starters, coyotes can read the wind as good as any whitetail, so make sure the wind is in your favor, especially if you plan on taking your bow with you. Secondly, coyotes have a knack for sliding into an area undetected, so if you can setup near the top of a hill to gain some elevation you will help yourself out in a big way. Make sure not to skyline yourself though at any point. Nothing will clear an area of wildlife, predators included, than a human silhouette on the horizon. Finally, make sure to stay patient on the stand. Most of the big names in the predator calling business stay on stand for thirty minutes to an hour. Especially if you are hunting mature or educated coyotes, don't expect them to come bailing in with no regard for their own safety. Stay on stand, call off and on, and wait to see what happens. If nothing shows up in 45 minutes, move on to the next spot and try again. Watch one archer so off his skills predator hunting with his bow. So, don't let old man winter cramp your bowhunting activities. Get out in the snow and try some coyote calling into bow range for a real challenge. NEXT: HUNTING DECEMBER WHITETAILS; 3 TIPS
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