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Introducing all new designed website. Notes: All existing accounts need to create new passwords. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Youth Archery Bows

The art of archery is becoming more and more popular; many people of various ages have begun learning it. As they grow to love the art, they talk to their family and friends about it, and the number of people who wish to learn it grows even more. In the process, more kids become attracted to the idea or are put on training by their parents, hoping that having their kids train at an early age will make them very skilled in using and handling a youth archery bow. There are bows which are specifically and carefully designed for different users. There are bows made in particular for women, and there are models designed especially for kids. The fact is, a person is likely to find an youth archery bow made for kids as young as three years old! These bows differ in length, as well as in draw weight. This is why it is important to choose the correct kind of bow for each person. To find out the appropriate length and draw weight of bow for a person, he or she has to check certain aspects. The same thing applies to kids, so they need to be guided by their parents or a grown up who is knowledgeable in archery.   Before picking a bow for archery lessons, it has to be determined if a kid is left or right handed. If, for example, a kid is right handed, it signifies he or she will be drawing the bow string using his or her right hand. To identify the length of bow which a kid can use, he or she will be asked to stretch out his or her arms to the front with the palms together. Somebody then measures the length from the center of the kid’s chest towards the tips of his or her outstretched fingers - this measurement, plus about an inch, will be the kid’s arrow length. Based on this arrow length, the bow length can be determined. There are corresponding bow lengths for different arrow length ranges. Last but not least, the draw weight also has to be identified. This needs a certain level of judgement depending on how far a kid can pull the string. Oftentimes, especially with kids learning archery for the first time, a lower poundage is selected for them. However, since they learn fast and quickly adapt to their movements and the sensation of pulling the string, they may increase the poundage bit by bit.   Check Out More Youth Archery here
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